Here they are folks... in alphabetical order:

Animosity [commentary edition]

I Wake Up to the Sound of Music


Chapter 1: Everything Has It's Beginning... And An End/Chapter 2: Leave My Heart Behind/Chapter 3a: When It's All Unraveling/Chapter 3b: When It's All Unraveling/ Chapter 4a: The Lines That Cross/ Chapter 4b: The Lines That Cross/Chapter 4.5: Almost Had It/ Chapter 5: Everything You're Running From/Chapter 5.5: Steal the Night/Chapter 6: Wrap the Night Around Me/Chapter 7a: End of the Circle/Chapter 7b: End of the Circle/Symmetry Epilogue: A Good Start and The Soundtrack

The Best Memories (all four parts)

The Return
Chapter 1: Awake/Chapter 2: Homecoming/Chapter 3: Forgive/Chapter 4: Arrival/Chapter 5: Reconnect/Chapter 6: Belong/Chapter 7: Bets/Chapter 8: Fight/Chapter 9: Battle/Chapter 10: Retreat/Chapter 11: Push/Chapter 12: Sound/Chapter 13: Potential/Chapter 14: More/Chapter 15: Storytime/Chapter 16: Understanding/Chapter 17: Piggyback/Chapter 18: Sinners/Chapter 19: Drama/Chapter 20: Dinner/Chapter 21: Armor/Chapter 22:Mingle/Chapter 23:Bubbly

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Here they are folks... in alphabetical order:

<a href="">Animosity</a> [<a href="">commentary edition</a>]

<a href="">I Wake Up to the Sound of Music</a>

<a href="">Regret</a>

<a href="">Chapter 1: Everything Has It's Beginning... And An End</a>/<a href="">Chapter 2: Leave My Heart Behind</a>/<a href="">Chapter 3a: When It's All Unraveling</a>/<a href="">Chapter 3b: When It's All Unraveling</a>/<a href=""> Chapter 4a: The Lines That Cross</a>/<a href=""> Chapter 4b: The Lines That Cross</a>/<a href="">Chapter 4.5: Almost Had It</a>/<a href=""> Chapter 5: Everything You're Running From</a>/<a href="">Chapter 5.5: Steal the Night</a>/<a href="">Chapter 6: Wrap the Night Around Me</a>/<a href="">Chapter 7a: End of the Circle</a>/<a href="">Chapter 7b: End of the Circle</a>/<a href="">Symmetry Epilogue: A Good Start</a> and <a href="">The Soundtrack</a>

<a href="">The Best Memories</a> (all four parts)

The Return
<a href="">Chapter 1: Awake</a>/<a href="">Chapter 2: Homecoming</a>/<a href="">Chapter 3: Forgive</a>/<a href="">Chapter 4: Arrival</a>/<a href="">Chapter 5: Reconnect</a>/<a href="">Chapter 6: Belong</a>/<a href="">Chapter 7: Bets</a>/<a href="">Chapter 8: Fight</a>/<a href="">Chapter 9: Battle</a>/<a href="">Chapter 10: Retreat</a>/<a href="">Chapter 11: Push</a>/<a href="">Chapter 12: Sound</a>/<a href="">Chapter 13: Potential</a>/<a href="">Chapter 14: More</a>/<a href="">Chapter 15: Storytime</a>/<a href="">Chapter 16: Understanding</a>/<a href="">Chapter 17: Piggyback</a>/<a href="">Chapter 18: Sinners</a>/<a href="">Chapter 19: Drama</a>/<a href="">Chapter 20: Dinner</a>/<a href="">Chapter 21: Armor</a>/<a href="">Chapter 22:Mingle</a>/<a href="">Chapter 23:Bubbly</a>

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The Way Things Go <b>COMING SOON!</b> <i>the title of this story is subject to change</i>

Readers should note that all fic has been transferred to my fic journal <a href="">here</a>. All stories (and their chapters) have been deleted from this [my personal] journal. Also, any new stories will not be posted on this journal.
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