So it's, like, a flashback to my childhood with the released 'sequel' to one of my favorite movies as a child. Escape to Witch Mountain. It's a movie I used to force my cousins to watch everytime I went to visit since it wasn't one of the million and half that my mom bought. I don't know why.

First of all, the movie started up with a Miley Cyrus song, which didn't bode well because I already can't stand her. Plus it was that Fly on the Wall song that is not only stupid, but sounds retarded. It made me a little nervous, but Carla Guigino was in it and I've loved her since Son-In-Law (which was one of the best movies ever... I should buy it).

Sarah and Seth, the kids in this one, were super cute, but totally literal. In the original they're younger - these kids look to be about 12 - and they've been raised in the human world. They have some precognitive visions and different powers. Witch Mountain is a town where they run to where the rest of their 'people' are, because their home planet was destroyed (or something) and everyone on their planet has a twin. I don't remember specifically, I'll have to rewatch it later.

I do like the symmetry of some of the things. The dog. The Winnebago.

The Rock - I'm sorry, Dwayne Johnson - was really good in this movie, which I was kinda nervous about. I'm always nervous about his movies because of the whole pro-wrestler past and the fact that he used to yell "Do you smell what the rock is cooking?" It is very nerve-racking, to pay almost $10 to see a movie and the lead sucks. There have been a few movies that it's happened... Alexander. It was like, 3 hours of my life I WILL NEVER get back!

Carla Guigino, as the dorky astro-physicist that gets all giddy to help the Rock and the kids was great. She's usually in these hard movies like Watchmen and Sin City, this one was sweet and fun. Not that I didn't love those movies, but this one was a great change of pace. And I know she was the mom in the Spy Kids movies, but those were just freaking annoying!

The movie was funny, without forcing it. The Rock really does have some good timing with his lines. My favorite was near the end of the movie when he asked if they knew how to fly the ship and they pointed out that it was how they got there. His response "Yeah, but you crashed."

There were, technically, two bad guys. The government, as always a huge threat to any we-come-in-peace alien, because the always want to cut them up into little tiny pieces and do autopsies. Because that's all you can do with aliens, obviously. And a engineered killing machine that followed them from their home planet through a worm hole to kill them and the only hope of saving their planet because their own government prefers the idea of taking over our planet.

The governement bad guy was played by a guy I've seen in other movies, but can never remember his name. But he did manage to make a double-chin look intimidating. And his two gov lackies were played by Tom Everett Scott (Josh from Dead Man on Campus, one of my favorite movies ever) and that kid from Fanboys (which will be out May of this year... YAY!). The only evil one was double-chin dude though.

Here's Race to Witch Mountain on the IMDB site.
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