Easily the most confusing movie I've seen in ages. It's almost more confusing than all the Ocean's movies combined... but then again those weren't confusing to me. Okay, I really don't have anything to compare it to because now that I think about it, I haven't really seen any confusing movies.

Not that I couldn't follow this one around, but it took a lot to retain all the pieces of the puzzle and put them together... and figure out how they got where and why. Also, it didn't stop me from figuring out that the one company switched out the formula, and that they did it on purpose so the CEO of the other company would be completely and totally screwed. And if all they were left with was each other, well, I could think of someone worse to be left with than Clive Owen. Or Julia Roberts, which ever you prefer. I don't judge.

The movie starts out five years ago, skips to now, goes back two years and then comes back. Then it goes back in time at a couple months at a time. The whole story, minus the flashbacks, takes place in 10 days.

Although, it reinforces the dream, and my firm belief, that I would be an excellent spy. Where do you go to spy school anyway? Espionage might be my kind of gig. I'm still thinkin on it though. It's either that or Space Cowboy. I'm still not sure.

It was a really good movie, but confusing. So I'd advise not seeing it if following complex storylines is, like, a problem. My date was pretty confused. He wanted to go to Watchmen, but since I've already seen it I refused to go. I've made a new rule that I won't go see a movie more than once in the theater. It got to the point where I was seeing a movie two or three times in the theater with different people because they all wanted to see it. This rule has pissed several people off (especially over Watchmen and Race to Witch Mountain).

Here's Duplicity at the IMDB site.
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