I love Paul Rudd. Have ever since he was Josh in Clueless. I love everything he does, every movie, every TV spot. I loved him in Friends. I loved him in Knocked Up and The 40year old Virgin. Same with Jason Segal. There really isn't anything I don't love him in. Especially How I Met Your Mother.

First of all, I almost didn't go see this movie because Liz doesn't like that guy with the curly hair. Which turned out to be Seth Rogan (which is a lie because she loved Knocked Up and her movie choice was Monsters vs. Aliens because she likes the blob, who is voiced by Seth Rogan). So after some convincing, which took a lot longer than it usually does because she was dead set on the cartoon movie, we finally got to the theater, which I misread the time and we ended up getting there an hour early. Thank god because when we came back after getting something to eat it was sold out, which isn't shocking because the movies that are out now are pretty shitty.

Personally I don't think it's really a big deal that a guy doesn't have any male friends. It's never really weird that women are friends with all guys is it? Maybe it is, I don't know. I'm not engaged so it's not really a situation I've had to deal with.

So there are a series of 'man-dates' set up by his mother and gay brother (played by the hilarious Adam Sandberg). And even one by his fiancee (Rashida Jones) with her bff's hubby, who is a total asshat. They all go horribly wrong due to the fact that it must really be hard finding friends as a guy. In LA. But real estate agent Peter [Rudd] runs into Sydney [Segal] while trying to sell Lou Ferrigno's house (that's right, the Hulk's house) they swap business cards. After being urged to call by his fiancee and bro Robbie (whose specialty is turning marrieds gay) he finally gives him a call.

The two bond over fish tacos and beer and hang out several more times despite Peter's failed attempts at wit and comraderie by giving nicknames that match Sydney's nickname for Peter: Pistol. They love the same band (Rush) and like to hang out in Sydney's mancave, walk Sydney's dog on the boardwalk (where he never picks up the poo) and openly share things. It's a total bromance.

Then comes the weirdness. First Sydney borrows eight grand. And your automatic thought is that he's running a scam, since he's an 'investment agent' but you never see him doing it, and he seems a little homeless/lives in mama's garage. He's asking questions about Peter & Zooey's relationship that are causing problems (including a speech given at their engagement party urging her to give blowjobs). But all is good when Sydney goes with Peter to pick out a suit/tux for the wedding and Peter pops the big question: Will you be my best man?

After a few days, and a little while longer for Zooey to get annoyed with her man's bromance (one she sort of pushed him into), something happens. Peter, while driving through town, starts seeing a bunch of billboards of him that he didn't have put up. Billboards that feature him in numerous ways (cowboy, secret agent, in bed, in a speedo...) that resemble the pictures Sydney took of him with his phone while Peter was trying on his tux. Now personally I wouldn't be upset, because it's publicity that got his name out there, but Peter flips out and breaks up with Sydney.

Weeks later, a somewhat depressed Peter is at the beach, ready to get married (with the oddest collection of groomsmen) and Zooey finally sees it. Peter needs his Sydney. So she calls, he shows and there's a big reunion scene at the end of the aisle when he shows up. There was a back and forth of "I love you man" and "I love you homes" and it just went on and on and on, to the point where I turned to Liz and asked if they were gonna make out. They didn't, but he took his place as the best man and the movie ended. Just ended.

I loved it. There really wasn't anything about the movie that I didn't like. Jon Favreau and Jamie Pressly were pretty freaking hilarious as Zooey's bff and her jerk hubby. The supporting cast was really funny, and I even caught a glimpse of the black/mexican/middle eastern guy from Super Troopers/Beerfest. At the poker game. I could have done without the vomit scene, as always, but it was still pretty funny. And Liz was happy that we didn't have to see Jason Segal's penis again (especially since I went to Sarah Marshall with her too).

Here is the I Love You, Man page on IMDB.
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