So it's, like, a flashback to my childhood with the released 'sequel' to one of my favorite movies as a child. Escape to Witch Mountain. It's a movie I used to force my cousins to watch everytime I went to visit since it wasn't one of the million and half that my mom bought. I don't know why.

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So I went to a movie about a bunny. I specifically remember seeing the previews when I went to Music and Lyrics. They were fore The Last Mimzy, TMNT, and something about and action-hero dog. They all looked cute/funny. Well at first Mimzy kinda looked a little scary, like it was an evil bunny or something, but that was the first teaser, the trailer actually made it look cute. Plus Dwight is in it (well, Rainn Wilson) and we all know how I love Dwight.

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princessaisly: (Love)
( Jun. 25th, 2006 11:05 am)
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